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JavaServer Faces: The Complete Reference
by Chris Schalk, Ed Burns, James Holmes
McGraw Hill/Osborne
Struts: The Complete Reference, 2nd Edition
by James Holmes
McGraw Hill/Osborne

Download a Sample Chapter

Faces Console
The Faces Console is a FREE standalone Java Swing application for managing JavaServer Faces-based applications. With the Faces Console you can visually edit JavaServer Faces configuration files as well as JSP Tag Library files.


All Hail Shale: Anatomy of a Shale application
by Brett McLaughlin, May 2006

Apache Shale Takes JavaServer Faces to the Next Level
by Gautam Shah, May 2006

Discover Seam and Sew Up Your Java Projects Faster than Ever
by Mark Smith, April 2006

Swing or JavaServer Faces: Which to Choose?
by Frank Nimphius & Duncan Mills, March 2006

All Hail Shale: Shale isn't Struts
by Brett McLaughlin, February 2006

JavaServer Faces and ASP.NET - A Side by Side Look Part 2
by Michael Klaene, February 2006

Dynamic JSF Development
by Peter Kasson, February 2006

Facelets fits JSF like a glove: Finally, a view technology made just for JSF!
by Rick Hightower, February 2006

Inside Facelets Part 3: Templating and Re-Use
by Jacob Hookom, February 2006

Integrating JavaServer Faces with Beehive Page Flow
by Rich Feit, January 2006

JavaServer Faces and ASP.NET - A Side by Side Look
by Michael Klaene, December 2005

Using JAAS with JSF
by Ed Burns, October 2005

Inside Facelets Part 2: Using Facelets
by Jacob Hookom, September 2005

Inside Facelets Part 1: An Introduction
by Jacob Hookom, August 2005

JavaServer Faces vs. Tapestry: A Head-to-Head Comparison
by Phil Zoio, August 2005

Building Custom JavaServer Faces UI Components
by Chris Schalk, August 2005

Apache MyFaces
by Dan Troesser, July 2005

JSF for nonbelievers: JSF component development
by Rick Hightower, July 2005

Taming JSF 1.1
by Ray Davis, July 2005

Face Up to Web Application Design Using JSF and MyFaces
by Javid Jamae, June 2005

Is JSF ready to take on ASP.NET?
by Chris Schalk, June 2005

JSF for nonbelievers: JSF conversion and validation
by Rick Hightower & Paul Tabor, April 2005

JSF for nonbelievers: The JSF application lifecycle
by Rick Hightower, March 2005

JSF for nonbelievers: Clearing the FUD about JSF
by Rick Hightower, February 2005

The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating JSF with Struts in Your J2EE Applications
by Craig McClanahan, January 2005

Designing and Implementing Web Application Interfaces
by Hans Bergsten, January 2005

Getting around JSF: The role of JSP
by Kito Mann, December 2004

Build complex Web UIs using components from the JSF-compliant Oracle ADF Faces framework
by Andrei Cioroianu, December 2004

JavaServer Faces in Action: Introducing JavaServer Faces
by Kito Mann, December 2004

Project Management Server using Java Server Faces [pdf]
by Anil Sharma, December 2004

Creating a Pet Store Application with JavaServer Faces, Spring, and Hibernate
by Derek Yang Shen, November 2004

by Jonas Jacobi, November 2004

JavaServer Faces (JSF) vs Struts
by Roland Barcia, September 2004

JavaServer Faces, Web Applications Made Easier
by Mike Houghton, September 2004

A Proposal for Design-Time Metadata for Java Server Faces Components
by Ryan Pollock, Jeff Stephenson and Adam Winer (Oracle Corporation), August 2004

Handling Events in JavaServer Faces, Part 2
by Hans Bergsten, August 2004

Handling Events in JavaServer Faces, Part 1
by Hans Bergsten, August 2004

eXo Platform, Reloaded...
by Benjamin Mestrallet, Tuan Nguyen, Gennady Azarenkov & Ove Ranheim, August 2004

Developing Web Applications with JavaServer Faces
by Qusay H. Mahmoud, August 2004

JavaServer Faces Explained [pdf]
by Alex Kratel, July 2004

Put JSF to work: Build a real-world Web application with JavaServer Faces, the Spring Framework, and Hibernate
by Derek Yang Shen, July 2004

Creating JSF Custom Components
by Bill Dudney, July 2004

Improve JSF by Decoupling Form Rules from Presentation Components
by John Reynolds, July 2004

Developing Faces
by Chris Schalk, July 2004

Making Faces
by John Kirkley, July 2004

Delve Into Web Tier Components: Use standard JSP actions to build encapsulated and reusable JSP and JSF components
by Paul Philion, June 2004

Take a Tour of Web Tier Technologies: Use the latest J2EE 1.4 Web tier technologies to your advantage
by Paul Philion, June 2004

An Introduction to JavaServer Faces
by Ed Burns & Justyna Horwat, June 2004

Guidelines for Designing Reusable Custom Components Using JavaServer Faces Technology
by Roger Kitain & Jayashri Visvanathan, June 2004

Improving JSF by Dumping JSP  |  Accompanying Discussion Thread
by Hans Bergsten, June 2004

JavaServer Faces vs. ASP.NET WebForms
by Mike Richardson, June 2004

Mixing JSTL and JSF in Web Applications
by Subbu Ramanathan, May 2004

Spinning Your Code with XSLT and JSF in Cocoon
by Michael Nash, May 2004

JAVA VIEWPOINT: "I'm Starting to Like Java Studio Creator..."
by Joseph Ottinger, April 2004

Java Server Faces: A comparative study
by SAML Security, April 2004

Java Studio Creator: An IDE to Create Web Applications
by Dana Nourie, April 2004

Introduction to JavaServer Faces
by Alexander Prohorenko and Olexiy Prohorenko, April 2004

JavaServer Faces Is Here
by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, April 2004

Design Considerations Using JavaServer Faces
by Subbu Ramanathan, March 2004

JSF Called a Misunderstood Standard
by Mohammad Afaque Makda, March 2004

JSF: The Ultimate in Flexibility? Or Complexity?
by Steve Benfield, March 2004

JavaServer Faces 1.0 has been released, but why does it matter?  |  Accompanying Discussion Thread
by Kito D. Mann, March 2004

Facing Forward with JSF
by Budi Kurniawan, February 2004

UI frameworks and JavaServer Faces
by Michael Nash, February 2004

Lotus development sets sites on Java Server Faces
by Jack Vaughan, February 2004

The Many Faces of JavaServer Faces (JSF)
by Michael Nash, January 2004

Developing Web Interfaces with JSF
by Chris Schalk, December 2003

Flex in Relation to DHTML, XUL, SVG, JavaServer Faces, and Flash MX
by Sean Neville, November 2003

JavaServer Faces, redux
by David Geary, November 2003

Page Navigation in JavaServer Faces
by Budi Kurniawan, October 2003

JSF: The good, the bad and the ugly
by Pete Beck, October 2003

Magical Web Interface Development
by Kito Mann, October 2003

Get an overview of the JavaServer Faces technology
by Rahul Tyagi, October 2003

Integrating Struts, Tiles, and JavaServer Faces
by Srikanth Shenoy & Nithin Mallya, September 2003

Using JSF
by Andrei Cioroianu, September 2003

An introduction to Java Server Faces
by Prithpal S. Bhogill, August 2003

Introducing JavaServer Faces
by Budi Kurniawan, July 2003

Why Web Developers Need JavaServer Faces
by Chuck Cavaness, July 2003

JavaServer Faces: A standard-based solution for Java Web applications
by Murali Kaundinya & Jamiel Sheikh, May 2003

Point de vue: Struts est mort, vive JSF! [French] - Google Translate to English
by Sami Jaber, May 2003

Putting a New Face on Web Interfaces
by Peter Varhol, April 2003

Integrating JSP/JSF and XML/XSLT: The Best of Both Worlds
by Erik Bruchez & Omar Tazi, February 2003

A first look at JavaServer Faces, Part 2
by David Geary, December 2002

A first look at JavaServer Faces, Part 1
by David Geary, November 2002

Programming JavaServer Faces 1.0 Early Access Draft
by Brian Pontarelli, October 2002

Java Server Faces (JSF) versus WebForms [French]  -  English Version
by Sami Jaber, September 2002

Barracuda vs. Struts vs. JavaServer Faces
by ATMReports.com , October 2001

Let's face the facts
by Karl F. Banke


Blog Entries

Craig McClanahan's blog (Creator of Struts and Shale, original spec lead for JSF)

Chris Schalk's blog (Co-author, JSF: The Complete Reference book, Oracle Product Manager - JDeveloper)

David Geary's JavaServer Faces blog

Jonas Jacobi's ADF UIX & JavaServer Faces blog

Matthias Wessendorf's blog (MyFaces project committer)

Adam Winer's blog (JSF expert group member, MyFaces project committer)

My Wish list about JSF 2.0
by Hazem Ahmed Saleh, October 2006

Gavin seems to really dig JSF
by Rick Hightower, February 2006

Adam Winer on JSF Usability
by Kirk Pepperdine, February 2006

Taming JSF 1.1
by Matt Raible, July 2005

Brief Notes on Java Server Faces Technology (JSF) - JSR 172
by Angsuman Chakraborty, July 2005

Web frameworks and JSF
by Guillermo Castro, June 2005

How to use WebGalileo Faces with JDeveloper 10.1.3 (pt1)
by Chris Schalk, May 2005

JSP or JSF - The Vacuum!
by Jonas Jacobi, May 2005

tinkering with JSF
by Andres Bonifacio, April 2005

Taking a closer look at JavaServer Faces
by James Mitchell, April 2005

Why do JSF tools suck so bad?
by Matthew Payne, April 2005

JSF needs better tools
by Matt Raible, April 2005

JavaOne BOF: Exploring the JavaServer Faces Ecosystem
by Kito Mann, March 2005

The Beauty of JavaServer Faces
by Peter Zadrozny, March 2005

Polymorphism and JSF
by Daniel Hinojosa, March 2005

News from a Parallel Universe: JSF and Tapestry project leads agree on future course
by John Reynolds, February 2005

Web Framework Challenge : Leg 1 Complete
by Norm Deane, February 2005

JSF - not too impressed
by Wilkes Joiner, February 2005

Performing a JSF GET
by Marc, January 2005

How to set up NetBeans 4.0 for Java Server Faces development
by Eddy, January 2005

Container Managed Security for JSF? - No Thanks!
by Duncan Mills, January 2005

JSF in Chains
by David Geary, January 2005

The JSF Bottleneck
by Ben Brophy, January 2005

JSF: immediate="true" - Fallacy in its implementation
by Gregg Bolinger, January 2005

JSF - Nice But Still Lacking Functionallity
by Gregg Bolinger, December 2004

JavaServer Faces first impressions
by Norman Richards, December 2004

JSP and JSF stealing our syntax
by Patrick A. Lightbody, December 2004

The basics of rendering XHTML with JavaServer Faces
by Ed Burns, December 2004

Why JSF will not impact in a big way
by Swapnonil Mukherjee, December 2004

Starting on JSF Code Generator
by Bhagvan K, November 2004

by Sven Meier, November 2004

VICTORY: JSF and Spring integration
by Rick Hightower, November 2004

Using xdoclet for JSF
by Daniel Hinojosa, November 2004

Project GSBlog - I - Introduction
by Duncan Mills, November 2004

Learning not to use JSF the hard way
by Mark Lowe, November 2004

Templating JSF with JSP2
by Mark Lowe, October 2004

Comparing Web Frameworks: Presentation Outline
by Matt Raible, October 2004

I don't hate JSF
by Matt Raible, October 2004

Using JavaServerFaces in Cocoon
by Matthew Langham, October 2004

Struts Or JSF? Struts And JSF?
by Craig McClanahan, September 2004

Notes on Component Metadata Used by Sun Java Studio Creator
by Edwin Goei, September 2004

JSF good!
by Rick Hightower, September 2004

Writing and Importing JSF Custom Components for Sun Java Studio Creator
by Edwin Goei, September 2004

Introducing Jayashri Visvanathan
by Ed Burns, August 2004

Form Validation in JSF
by Bill Dudney, August 2004

Tapestry Server Faces
by Dion Almaer, August 2004

Pictorial of the Creator: Touring JSF on Java Studio Creator
by Michael Yuan, August 2004

Let's learn about ourfaces
by Ed Burns, August 2004

My JSF Experience
by Matt Raible, August 2004

The Joy of developing with JSF
by Matt Raible, August 2004

JSF: Which implementation should I use?
by Matt Raible, August 2004

JSF: Did Sun Mess Up (Again)?
by Tarak Modi, June 2004

JSF: selectMany and use of non string/integer objects
by Rich, June 2004

JSF: Upgrading to buggy JSF1.1
by Rich, June 2004

Tapestry vs. JSF -- Round 1
by Ryan Ripley, June 2004

JSF Custom Components
by Keith Pitty, June 2004

Struts-Faces : Struts with JavaServerFaces
May 2004

Initial Thoughts into JSF
by Daniel Hinojosa, May 2004

ASP.NET and JavaServer Faces
by Mike Richardson, April 2004

JSF: Solution for managed beans being called twice?
by Rich, April 2004

JSF & Struts
by Bill Dudney, April 2004

JavaServer Faces impressions
by Tom Hawtin, March 2004

JSF: a regular expression validator
by Andrej Koelewijn, March 2004

Getting started with JSF (on oc4j)
by Andrej Koelewijn, March 2004

Role Based Rendering of UIComponents
by Bill Dudney, March 2004

JSF & Tiles Integration
by Nathaniel Stoddard, March 2004

Java Server Faces First Impressions
by Nathaniel Stoddard, March 2004

Java Server Faces : Is it ready for enterprise ?? (Part Two)
by Bhagvan K, March 2004

Java Server Faces : Is it ready for enterprise ?? (Part One)
by Bhagvan K, March 2004

JSF: UIComponent.getAttributes() -- good, bad or ugly?
by Bill Dudney, February 2004

JavaServer Faces and Orion Application Server
by Kare Nuorteva, February 2004

Tapestry vs JSF  |  JavaLobby.org Discussion Thread
by Andrew C. Oliver, January 2004

More on Tapestry and JSF ... and greater issues, such as the JCP and the future of Sun and Java
by Howard M. Lewis Ship (creator of Tapestry), January 2004

JSF EA4 and JSF 1.0 Beta changes - Action to MethodBinding  |  More Upgrade Information
Information on how to upgrade from JSF EA4 to 1.0 beta.
by Bill Dudney, January 2004


Books (ordered by publish date)

JavaServer Faces: The Complete Reference
by James Holmes, Chris Schalk, Ed Burns
McGraw-Hill Osborne, August 2006

JavaServer Faces Component Catalog: From Tomahawk to AJAX
by Paul Deck, Budianto Lie
Brainy Software, February 2007

Lightweight Java Web Application Development: Leveraging EJB 3.0, JSF, POJO, and Seam
by Michael Juntao Yuan
Prentice Hall PTR, February 2007

PRO JSF: Building Rich Internet Components
by Jonas Jacobi, John Fallows
McGraw-Hill Osborne, January 2006

JavaServer Faces [German]
by Sven Haiges
Software & Support Verlag, August 2004

Java Server Faces [German]
by Andy Bosch
Addison-Wesley, June 2004

Java Studio Creator Field Guide  |  Free Sample Chapters
by Gail Anderson & Paul Anderson
Sun Microsystems Press, June 2004

Core Java Server Faces  |  Free Sample Chapters
by David Geary & Cay S. Horstmann
Sun Microsystems Press, June 2004

Mastering JavaServer Faces  |  Free Sample Chapter  |  Download Code
by Bill Dudney, Jonathan Lehr, Bill Willis, LeRoy Mattingly
Wiley, June 2004

JavaServer Faces in Action  |  Download Code  |  Book Review Project on TheServerSide.com
by Kito D. Mann
Manning, May 2004

JavaServer Faces  |  Free Sample Chapters  |  Download Code
by Hans Bergsten
O'Reilly, April 2004

JavaServer Faces Programming  |  Download Code  |  Thomas Duff Review
by Budi Kurniawan
McGraw-Hill Osborne, October 2003


Chat / Interview Transcripts

Interview with Exadel's Max Katz about JSF and AJAX
Speakers: Maz Katz, July 2006

TheServerSide.com JavaServer Faces Interview
Speakers: Ted Farrell & Adam Winer, January 2005

Struts, JavaServer Faces, and Java Studio Creator: The Evolution of Web Application Frameworks
Speaker: Craig McClanahan, December 2004

SDN Chat Sessions: JSP 2.1 Technology and JSF 1.2 Technology
Speaker: Mark Roth & Roger Kitain, December 2004

JSF: A Look from the Inside - An interview with Adam Winer - JSF Expert Group Member
Speaker: Adam Winer, September 2004

Q&A: JavaServer Faces
Speakers: Mimi Hills, Tony Ng, and Ed Burns, September 2004

Meet the Experts: Roland Barcia on using JMS and JSF
Speaker: Roland Barcia, July 2004

Sun Java Studio Enterprise: JavaServer Faces
Speakers: Ed Burns, Roger Kitain, Ryan Lubke & Jay Visvanathan, May 2004

Interview with project lead for the MyFaces open source implementation of JavaServer Faces
Speaker: Manfred Geiler, April 2004

Kito Mann on JavaServer Faces  |  Accompanying Discussion Thread
Speaker: Kito Mann, January 2004

JavaServer Faces Technology
Speakers: Craig McClanahan & Amy Fowler, October 2002

TheServerSide.com Tech Talk: JavaServer Faces  |  Accompanying Discussion Thread
Speaker: Amy Fowler, August 2002


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

JavaServer Faces FAQ
by Sun Microsystems

JavaServer Faces FAQ

JSF Central FAQ
by Kito D. Mann


Struts Kickstart FAQ


Forums / Mailing Lists

[Official] Sun JavaServer Faces Forum

Exadel JavaServer Faces - Examples and Tutorials Forum

JavaRanch JSF Forum

JSF Developers Yahoo Group mailing list

IRC channel for JSF: #jsf on irc.freenode.net


In The News

Sun Eyes Baking AJAX Functionality Into JSF
By Alex Handy, September 2006

Oracle Puts on a JavaServer Face
By Yvonne L. Lee, July 2005

WebSphere Gets Java Makeover
By Jim Wagner, May 2004

JCP Puts a Friendlier Face on Java
by By Yvonne L. Lee, April 2004

Programmers So Far Underwhelmed by JSF
by Jim Wagner, March 2004

New JSF standard becomes reality
by Allison Taylor, March 2004

JavaServer Faces specification is approved
by Paul Krill, March 2004

JavaServer Faces Spearheads Drive Toward J2EE Simplication, Says Kito Mann
JDJ News Desk, March 2004

Sun kicks off Technology Preview -- phase two -- of well received Sun Java Studio Creator
Sun Microsystem Press Release, February 2004

Increasing Developer Productivity with Project Rave: A Conversation with Rich Green
by Janice J. Heiss, October 2003

New Face For Java Apps On The Client
by Charles Babcock, InformationWeek, August 2003

IBM refreshes Java tool
CNET: News.com, August 2003

Sun: Rave on over to the other side
The Register, July 2003

TheServerSide @ JavaOne 2003 - Day Three
by Dion Almaer, Nitin Bharti, Stuart Charlton, Doug Bateman, Frank Cohen, June 2003

TheServerSide @ JavaOne 2003 - Day One
by Dion Almaer, Nitin Bharti, Stuart Charlton, Doug Bateman, Frank Cohen, June 2003

Java Vendors Look To Add Jolt To Tech, Community
by Vance McCarthy, June 2003

Lotus to put JavaServer Faces on future tools
by Jack Vaughan, February 2003



JavaServer Faces 1.2 Java Specification Request (JSR-252)  |  Open Source Project

JavaServer Faces Java Specification Request (JSR-127)

Design-Time Metadata for JavaServer Faces Components Java Specification Request (JSR-276)

Sun's JavaServer Faces Page

JavaServer Faces JavaDocs

JSF Central
Collection of JavaServer Faces links.

JSF Repository
Collection of JavaServer Faces links.

Oracle JavaServer Faces Resources
Your one-stop shop for JSF development.

JSF step by step [Russian]
Collection of JavaServer Faces tutorials and articles by Vladimir Bezugliy.

Collection of JavaServer Faces links to tutorials.

Andrew Kuzmin's JavaServer Faces Resources
Collection of JavaServer Faces links.

Andy Bosch's JavaServer Faces Resources [German] - Google Translate to English
Collection of JavaServer Faces links.

JSPOlympus JavaServer Faces Resources
Collection of JavaServer Faces links.

Richard Brenner's JSF Wiki

Sven Haiges' JavaServer Faces Resources [German] - Google Translate to English

About Struts and JavaServer Faces [forward-looking]
Information on integrating Struts with JavaServer Faces from Craig McClanahan (creator of Struts and spec lead for JSF).
September 2002

More About Struts and Java Server Faces
More information from Craig McClanahan about integrating Struts and JavaServer Faces.



JavaServer Faces Presentation from TheServerSide Java Symposium [video]
by Craig McClanahan, June 2005

What's new in Faces 1.2 and JSP 2.1, What's coming in Faces 2.0 [pdf]
by Ed Burns, March 2005

JavaServer Faces with MyFaces [pdf]
by Bill Dudney, October 2004

JavaServer Faces Development with Sun Java Studio Creator [pdf]
by Michael Yuan, August 2004

JavaServer Faces: The next big thing for enterprise Java! [pdf]
by David Geary, August 2004

About Faces: The JavaServer Faces API and how it relates to Struts [pdf]
by Ed Burns, July 2004

Struts and JavaServer Faces [pdf] [example .war files] [German]
by Matthias Wessendorf, July 2004

Building Real-World-Ready UI Components for the Web Using JavaServer Faces Technology [pdf]
by Craig McClanahan
JavaOne, July 2004

Putting Faces on Your Portlets: Exploiting JavaServer Faces Technology in Portlet Applications [pdf]
by Brendan Murray
JavaOne, July 2004

Developing Advanced Graphics Components Using JavaServer Faces Technology [pdf]
by Georg Sander
JavaOne, July 2004

Creating a Component Community for JavaServer Faces Technology [pdf]
by Brian Albers
JavaOne, June 2004

Advanced Real-World JavaServer Faces Technology-Based Application Development [pdf]
by Carl Quinn
JavaOne, June 2004

eXtreme JavaServer Faces Technology [pdf]
by David Geary
JavaOne, June 2004

Using JavaServer Faces Technology with Java Data Objects: Developing Scalable Web Applications Easily [pdf]
by Craig Russell
JavaOne, June 2004

JavaServer Faces Technology Overview
by Keith Pitty, May 2004

Struts and JavaServer Faces [pdf] [German]
by Matthias Wessendorf, April 2004

All about Faces [pdf]
by Kito Mann, April 2004

Building Real World Apps with JSF (code available) [pdf]
by Bill Dudney, March 2004

Open Source Java Server Faces [pdf]
by Edwin Mol & Dimitry D'Hondt, March 2004

JavaServer Faces: The Next Big Thing for Enterprise Java! [No Fluff, Just Stuff] [pdf]
by David Geary, February 2004

Struts and JavaServer Faces: Competition or Coexistence?
by Craig McClanahan, November 2003

JavaServer Faces
by Mujtaba Ali, October 2003

JavaServer Faces [pdf] [Download Presentation Code]
by David Geary, October 2003

Central Ohio Java Users Group (COJUG) Java Server Faces Presentation [PowerPoint]
by Geoffrey L. Goetz, September 2003

Beyond Struts [PowerPoint, StarOffice]
by Craig McClanahan, July 2003

Integrating JavaServer Faces with Struts' Tiles Subframework [PowerPoint]
by Bernard, July 2003

Combining JavaServer Faces Interface and Scalable Vector Graphics [pdf]
by Vincent Hardy, Craig McClanahan, Jerry Evans
JavaOne, June 2003

About Faces: The JavaServer Faces GUI Component Framework [pdf]
by Roger Kitain, Jayashri Visvanathan, Craig McClanahan
JavaOne, June 2003

Integrating JSP/JSF and XML/XSLT: The Best of Both Worlds [pdf]
by Omar Tazi, Erik Bruchez
JavaOne, June 2003

J2EE: Interfaces Utilisateurs [pdf] [French]
by Stephane Croisier & Serge Huber, June 2002

About Faces: Simplifying Java Technology-Based Web Application Development with the JavaServer Faces Specification
JavaOne Conference, March 2002

J2EE: Now and Future [pdf]
Rima Patel Sriganesh, Sun Code Camps 2002

Developing rich HTML client applications with Java: A case for Java Server Faces [pdf]
Kris Meukens & Bart Leeten
Sun Developer Connection Conference, October 2001


Software - Components

An easy, general and complete integration solution for JavaServer Faces and AJAX.

Chart FX for Java
Chart FX for Java is a 100% Java component that uses your J2EE application server and JSP technology to produce charts in a variety of formats: PNG, JPEG, SVG and FLASH.

The CompleteControl component enhances your web application by providing a standard way to make context specific, server based suggestions for HTML input elements.

Exadel HTML Layout Custom Tag Library
The HTML Layout Custom Tag Library contains components for almost all of the standard HTML tags and attributes based on the HTML 4.01 specification.

ILOG JViews Charts
Provides a display for every common type of 2D chart.

javascript4jsf  |  j4j:defaultAction tag  |  j4j:idProxy tag  |  j4j:param tag
This project aims to provide powerful DHTML output for JSF components.

An open source project for custom JavaServer Faces UI components.

jsf-extensions is a collection of mostly non-UI components built on top of the JSF specification, leveraging the extreme extensibility of the specification to enhance the functionality of the implementation.

Oracle ADF Faces Components
Oracle ADF Faces is a rich set of user interface components for JavaServer Faces. The Oracle ADF Faces Components provide various user-interface components with built-in functionality - such as data tables, hierarchical tables, and color and date pickers - that can be customized and re-used in your application.

Orbeon XML RenderKit for JavaServer Faces
The XML RenderKit brings Model 2X to JSF and allows developers to style JSF components using XML transformation languages such as XSLT.

Off the shelf JavaServer Faces components for sale.

Open source, free custom JSF UI components.

Is a commercial JSF library providing developers with a suite of components that aid in creating a dynamic UI for Web-based applications.

WebCharts 3D
WebCharts 3D is a 100% Java state of the art visualization package designed for the professional software developers who work with JSP, JSF, SWT and/or Swing interfaces. It provides general purpose and specialized 2- and 3-dimensional charts and incorporates the innovative technology that allows it to deliver charts as applets or interactive server-generated images to the web browsers and mobile devices in multiple formats (Flash, SVG, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, WBMP).


Software - GUI Tools

Faces Console
The Faces Console is a FREE standalone Java Swing application for visually editing JavaServer Faces config files.

Borland JBuilder
Borland has added support for JavaServer Faces in the JBuilder 2005 version.

ECCOBusinessAnalyst is a tool designed for the professional business analyst to create formal user interface specifications in PDF and HTML form. At the same time, ECCOBusinessAnalyst generates a fully functional prototype of the user interface based on Java Server Faces (JSF) Technology.

Exadel Studio
A Web Integrated Development Environment (WIDE) for Sun's JavaServer Faces (JSF).

FacesIDE is an Eclipse plugin for web application development that uses JSF.

JSF FormBuilder
JSF FormBuilder is a free Java Swing application for creating forms for Java Server Faces (JSF).

IBM Rational Application Developer
IBM Ration Application Developer has rich support for creating JSF applications including a visual designer.

M7 NitroX JSF IDE for Eclipse
The NitroX JSF IDE provides code completion, real-time error checking, validation, form editors, navigation, etc. for JSF development.

MyEclipse J2EE IDE
Easy and affordable Eclipse plugin development tools with support for JavaServer Faces.

Oracle JDeveloper 10g  |  JDeveloper JSF Resources
Oracle JDeveloper 10g provides rich support for creating JavaServer Faces applications.

SoftAspects' WebGalileo Faces Components & Designer
A set of Faces components and a Faces rapid application development tool.

Sun Java Studio Creator (aka Project Rave)
Sun's new IDE aimed at simplifying web development via Java Server Faces.

WebFaces is a visual RAD tool to speed even further web application development.


Software - Implementations

[Official] JavaServer Faces Reference Implementation  |  Open Source Project  |  Source Code  |  Bug Database
Sun implementation.

Open source, free implementation of JavaServer Faces spec. Features WML render kit and additional components and validators not available in reference implemention from Sun.

Simplica ECruiser
Commercial implementation of JavaServer Faces spec with several add on components for simplifying development.

Open source, free implementation of JavaServer Faces spec.


Software - Miscellaneous

AppFuse is an application for "kickstarting" webapp development with support for JavaServer Faces.

Crossbar: Java Server Faces Example Applications
Open source applications for starting development.

Easy Wizard
Easy Wizard is a lightweight library for a Java web framework, which allows to define robust and controlled flow of application pages.

Ecards Project
Open source Ecards application that utilizes JavaServer Faces.

Equinox is a lightweight application that contains options to use Spring MVC, JSF, Struts, Tapestry or WebWork to start your application.

EXO Platform Project
The eXo platform is a powerful Open Source - JSR 168 compliant - enterprise portal built from several modules, including JavaServer Faces.

Facelets steps outside of the JSP spec and provides a highly performant, JSF-centric view technology.

Java BluePrints Solution Catalog
Consists of a set of guidelines and best practices and small applications to illustrate guidelines for JavaServer Faces and other J2EE technologies.

JSF Helper API
The JSF Helper project is designed to provide handy tools for developers building JSF based web applications.

Documents the steps necessary to migrate an existing JSF application for use as a Jetspeed portlet.

jsf-spring  |  Spring JSF Integration Overview
This project provides glue code for general integration of JSF (JavaServer Faces) and the Spring framework.

A JUnit extension to assist testing of JSF applications.

A tool for converting plain HTML pages into JSP pages with JSF tags.

The Spring-Hibernate-JSF Framework consists of various tools to help one create a JSF project using the popular technologies: Spring and Hibernate.

Struts-Faces Integration Library
Library for integrating Struts with JavaServer Faces.

Struts Shale Framework
JSF add-on framework that adds features on top of JSF from the creator of Struts: Craig McClanahan.

WebFlow Navigation Manager
WebFlow Navigation Manager (WFNM) is a lightweight J2EE web framework, that can be used on top of any other J2EE web framework or even with servlets and JSPs, that allows: Webflow definition, Server side navigation history, Automatic session cleaning.

XDoclet is an open source code generation engine and it supports JavaServer Faces.

Xkins is a framework that manages skins for your web application and it supports JavaServer Faces.

xulfaces provides a XUL Renderkit, a custom XUL tag library and a new way to build rich client interfaces with Java.



[Official] The J2EE 1.4 Tutorial (contains chapters on JSF)
by Sun Microsystems

LaLiLuna JavaServer Faces Tutorials
Collection of free and for-pay tutorials.

Using JSF with AJAX
by Greg Murray, Tor Norbye, & Ed Burns

Developing applications with Facelets, JSF, and JSP  |  Accompanying Discussion Thread
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How to create actionLink component
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Drill Down Edit Screens with JSF
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Using the ADF Faces Dialog Framework
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Using Oracle ADF Faces in Existing JSF Applications
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Stylish Components
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Using JSF technology for XForms applications
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Working with JSF Select Components
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Working with ADF Faces JSF Select Components
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Building Database-driven Applications with JSF
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Building a Simple JSF and Toplink App in JDeveloper 10.1.3 Preview
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Using JavaServer Faces (JSF) Navigation Handler Decorator
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Enable backwards navigation through Web applications: Improve user experience with the Webflow Navigation Manager Framework
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Proxy Id for a JSF Custom Component
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How To Create Your Own JSF Components
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JavaServer Faces HTML Tags
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JSF Navigation by Examples
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Using Popup Windows in JavaServer Faces Applications
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UI development with JavaServer Faces
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