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Struts: The Complete Reference

This page is for the 1st edition of the book.
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Chapter 6: Validator
This chapter covers installing, configuring and using the Validator plugin
for client-side and server-side form data validation.

Table of Contents

  • Part I: The Struts Framework
    • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Struts
    • Chapter 2: A Sample Struts Application
    • Chapter 3: The Model Layer
    • Chapter 4: The View Layer
    • Chapter 5: The Controller Layer
    • Chapter 6: Validator
    • Chapter 7: Tiles
    • Chapter 8: Declarative Exception Handling
    • Chapter 9: Struts Modules
    • Chapter 10: Internationalizing Struts Applications

  • Part II: The Struts Tag Libraries
    • Chapter 11: HTML Tag Library
    • Chapter 12: Bean Tag Library
    • Chapter 13: Logic Tag Library
    • Chapter 14: Nested Tag Library
    • Chapter 15: Using JSTL with Struts

  • Part III: Struts Configuration Files
    • Chapter 16: The Struts Configuration File
    • Chapter 17: The Tiles Configuration File
    • Chapter 18: The Validator Configuration File

  • Part IV: Applying Struts
    • Chapter 19: Securing Struts Applications
    • Chapter 20: Testing Struts Applications

  • Part V: Appendix
    • Struts Console Quick Reference

Download Source Code

Download the source code for the listings and applications in each of the chapters here:

Source Code


Following is a list of errors (and their corrections) in the current (1st) edition of the book.

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