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    The Spring Console is a FREE standalone Java Swing application for developing and managing Spring-based applications. With the Spring Console you can visually edit JavaServer Spring configuration files as well as JSP Tag Library files.

The Spring Console also plugs into multiple, popular Java IDEs for seamless management of Spring applications from one central development tool.

Version 1.0 Beta Now Available

   • Full support for Spring config files
   • Full support for JSP Tag Library files (*.tld)
   • Plugin support for many popular Java IDEs

Possible Upcoming Functionality
   • Create plugin for JEdit
   • Add ability to clone elements
   • Add support for XML entities in config files
     Currently Supported IDEs
   • Borland JBuilder 4.0 and higher
   • Eclipse 1.0 and higher
   • IBM WebSphere Appl. Dev. 4.0.3 and higher
   • IntelliJ IDEA 3.0 (build 668) and higher
   • NetBeans 3.2 and higher
   • Oracle JDeveloper 9i and higher
   • Sun One Studio (Forte) 3.0 and higher

>> Plugin Installation Instructions <<
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